Filth Is Eternal Singer Lis Di Angelo & Guitarist Brian McClelland on Their Current Tour with Finch

Photo: Joshua Simon

As the anticipation and excitement built for their first UK tour, I sat down for a brief chat with vocalist Lis Di Angelo and guitarist Brian McClelland of Filth Is Eternal.

Not unlike the concise chaos of the Seattle band's recently released LP, Find Out, I kept things simple and brief. I’ve known vocalist Lis and Brian for almost 10 years and I’m excited as they head out on this next touring adventure.

UK readers, make sure to check out the dates below and get familiar with Filth Is Eternal.

How did the opportunity of opening for Finch come about?

Lis Di Angelo (vocals): Our manager, Mike Messina, mentioned us to the members of Finch and played our record for them. It came together pretty quickly after that and is just an exciting and welcome opportunity that we couldn’t be more grateful for.

We’re also grateful to be doing some of our own shows to get out in front of as many people as possible and see what the future can hold after this first time overseas.

You all made three videos leading up to the release of Find Out ("Cherish," "Crawl Space," and "Pressure Me"). Are you intending to do more? 

Brian McClelland (guitars): We want to and definitely have some ideas already, it’s a matter of timing and planning, but there is an interest for sure. 

Lis: Yes, we absolutely want to do more videos. There are a few different songs I would’ve chosen for singles other than the three we had premiered, not that I would want to necessarily do things differently.

One of the songs I’d like to make into a video is "Roll Critical," I think it’d be a fun one to figure out a treatment for and present in a video.

Who are some of the artists you’ve heard about in planning these UK shows?

Brian: While we won’t get to play with them this time around, we are excited to meet our Church Road labelmates in Employed to Serve. 

Lis: Yes, we’re excited to meet various people that we’ve been able to know digitally in these last few years and finally see in real life. Some of the bands we’re set to play with include Death Goals, Closed Hands, How Long You Been Driving, Final Nail, and Clowns Smash Everything.

Also, as we previously mentioned, we’re really excited to meet and hang out with Finch. We appreciate their invitation to join them on their anniversary tour and look forward to experiencing these shows together. 

What are some other places you’d like to tour in the future?

Lis and Brian: Honestly, we’re so grateful to play everywhere we can have the opportunity. We do have some festivals that come to mind that we’d love to take part in if possible. Arctangent in England and Roadburn in the Netherlands are the main two that come to mind.

The lineups and the teams of people involved have made both of those events we’d love to be part of in the future. 


I want to thank Lis and Brian again for making the time to chat amid their work days and prep for tour. Their tour just launched with two shows in Glasgow over this past weekend. From the 5th of November until the 8th, they will be opening for Finch and then they play various dates throughout England from the 9th until the 18th.

Venue info for the Finch dates can be found on the tour poster featured above and other venue info can be found on Filth is Eternal’s Linktree.


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