Restraining Order: No Echo-Hyped Hardcore Band Signs with New Age Records

Photo courtesy of New Age Records

Last seen on No Echo's 12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Check Out in 2018 list, Restraining Order have confirmed that they've signed with New Age Records. Formed just last year, the Western Massachusetts outfit will be dropping a 6-track EP through the hallowed label (Unbroken, Lifetime, Mouthpiece) this coming summer.

In my original write-up about the band, I compared Restraining Order's sound to the likes of Violent Reaction, The Rival Mob, and The Flex, and you can hear it for yourself on "Something for the Youth," one of their more recently released cuts:

In the last year since forming, Restraining Order have shared the stage with bands like Alert, Violence to Fade, and Depths of Reality. Their self-titled demo was released in March and got the attention of New Age Records' founder Mike Hartsfield, and the rest is history.

The Restraining Order 7" EP will be released Summer 2018.

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