Crown Vic: Metallic Hardcore Straight from West Virginia on “The Old” (PREMIERE)

Formed in May of 2017, Crown Vic is a metallic hardcore band hailing from West Virginia, not a place exactly known for that kind of music. But that doesn't matter in the end, especially when you soak in a few of the group's early tunes. With a penchant for slow-churning, gut-wrenching guitar riffs, Crown Vic write the kind of songs that both hardcore and extreme metal fans will both give their thumbs up to.

Though they're less than a year old, I'm really digging the stuff these guys are producing so far, so I'm psyched to bring you the premiere of "The Old," a punishing track from Crown Vic.

"'The Old' is a track about the disappointing realizations of life and envying the sooner demise of the old souls on this Earth," says Crown Vic drummer/singer Lane Hughes. "It's irritation and resentment at our existences. It's anger and annoyance, it's what we feel everyday and it's what we express in our music."

I can't think of better inspiration for a hardcore song.

Photo: Shaley Hughes

Stay tuned to Crown Vic's Facebook and Bandcamp pages for more info on these guys.

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