Flesh Creep: UK Hardcore Punk Unit Promises Endless Violence on Debut EP

Photo: Daniel Bartram

"We started like any good punk band should, full of bottled rage and with fire in our bellies," says Tom Patrick, vocalist of UK band Flesh Creep. "We picked the grossest name we could think of and once we got in a room together the songs wrote themselves. The rest is, as they say, history."

No Echo is yapping it up with the singer just a few days after Flesh Creep dropped their debut EP, a nasty affair fittingly called Endless Violence.

"Our sound has been generously described by one kind patron as being 'the aggression of early Left for Dead with the energy of Feel the Darkness-era Poison Idea.' I don’t know that our band or anyone else’s could possibly live up to that description, but we’re not going out of our way to dissuade such comparisons!"

According to Tom, the words that accompany Flesh Creep's sonic pummeling mirror the music's viciousness. "Lyrically, our songs concern the brutal legacy of empire, the cold bureaucracy of power, the drudgery of work, and the dark and bloody shadow of the CIA. In short, we’re a punk band."

Flesh Creep will be playing a gig on my birthday (January 4th) at The Victoria in their hometown of Birmingham, along with The Chisel and The Butters Aliens. "Our local scene is in many ways still finding it’s feet post pandemic but there’s hope yet for the home of heavy metal. We’re particularly fond of local grinders Non-Lin."

Endless Violence is available digitally and on cassette via Noise Merchant Records. Find Flesh Creep on Instagram.


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