Wipes: Pennsylvania Trio Meld Noise Rock & Grunge Hooks on “Perfect Stranger” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Matthew Liddick

Some No Echo readers might be familiar with Tile, a band based out of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area that's been playing together for over a decade now. The reason we bring them up here is because Wipes is a new musical outfit that is an offshoot of Tiles.

The project started after Tile's guitarist couldn't commit to touring as much as his bandmates, so bassist/vocalist Ray Gurz and drummer Michael Dumoff began jamming with guitarist Matt Molchany. In line with the close affiliations, Molchany even recorded and engineered both of Tile's studio albums.

After Wipes wrote their own material and demoed a few songs, the new band released a lathe cut 7-inch. Last winter, the trio recorded their forthcoming debut album, Making Friends. Like Tile, Wipes bring forth a sludgy noise rock approach to what they do, but this time around, off-kilter melodies make their way throughout their arrangements and vocal lines.

Listen to a track from the album called "Perfect Stranger" below to get yourself acquainted with the Wipes sound:

Wipes bassist/vocalist Ray Gurz said the following about the song:

"So many of us try to be a chameleon to fit into this society of mess. I'd rather engage with someone who is brutally honest, or I'd rather just be left alone. I'm not here to impress you. (People) might stare in disbelief, but I don't care."

The Making Friends recording sessions were so fruitful that Wipes will be releasing a split cassette with Alabama’s Day Job containing three songs left off the LP due to space constraints in conjunction with the full length.

Making Friends will be out on November 4th via Hex Records (CD/digital pre-order). The LP pre-orders will be coming shortly.

The Wipes/Day Job split is available now on cassette, also on Hex Records.

Wipes will be doing a tour around the Northeast US in October:

Tour dates:
10/7- Bethlehem, PA
10/8- Syracuse, NY
10/24- Philly, PA
10/25- NYC
10/26- Boston, MA
10/27- Connecticut
10/28- Albany, NY
10/29- Rochester/Buffalo, NY (?)
10/30- Wilkes-Barre, PA


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