Rust: Canadian Hardcore Band Breaks Through the “Alter Ego” on New Track

Photo: Jason Watson

"We are not trying to recreate the wheel or resurrect something dead and gone, we are all passionate about this culture and want the music we create to represent that," says That quote Ryan Bodiam, vocalist of Canadian hardcore band Rust. The Southern Ontario outfit hasn't been around that long, but they've already dropped an eponymous EP earlier this year via Walk A Mile Records (Mourn, Sedition).

Keeping the energy going, Rust recently entered the studio to crank out a new track called "Alter Ego" that No Echo is pleased to help premiere today:

"The song is about struggling with what it means to be yourself," says Ryan. "An inner dialogue between you and the things that hold you back. Learning to accept that the only way to approach these barriers is to break through them and move on."

Lyrics for "Alter Ego"


Sink into the guilt, that haunts me
Laced with doubt, self imprisoned

This is my alter ego

The crooked reflection disease spreads
A consuming torment
Losing control of everything 

The disease spreads, a consuming torment
Losing control of everything 

Becoming bitterness, bitterness incarnate 
I am no king, crushed under the burden 
Of self made misery
Destroy this hollow frame 
Put me in the grave

Drag the old self six feet under

In addition to the new track, Rust are currently writing material for their debut album, which they plan on releasing in 2020. The band will also be taking part in the upcoming Toys for Tots Benefit with Cold Shoulder, Facewreck, Reliever, and Gold Finch in Toronto, Ontario on Nov. 29. Get tickets/info here.

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