Wild Arrows: Mike Law (Eulcid, New Idea Society) Brings Shimmery Melodies on “Gold Ides” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Lindsey Law

Wild Arrows is the solo moniker of songwriter-musician Mike Law. Beginning out of the Boston DIY community, and then moving to NYC, he's built an impressive discography with his bands Eulcid, New Idea Society, and solo work under the aformentioned Wild Arrows name.

This past summer, Wild Arrows issued Loving the Void, a 13-track album that found Law collaborating with in the studio with none other than drummer Alan Cage (Quicksand, Seaweed). Pretty sick if you ask me.

Today, No Echo is excited to help premiere a new Wild Arrows single entitled "Gold Ides," a shimmery blast of melodicism that gets better with each listen:

"This song didn't fit on Loving the Void but I've been really excited to release it," Law told No Echo in an email. "Since music is treated with such little value in our culture now I get really in my head about making it have value and not wanting to release too much music even though I have a lot of finished songs sitting around. I recorded three other versions before I settled on this one. I was trying to make it exciting and I wanted it to sound like watching a bloom in fast forward.  

"I originally asked a friend to work on it with me and he said he'd love to but wanted me to change the lyric to 'Gold Eyes.' I didn't want to do that so I set out on this version where I recorded all the chords in the song acapella onto a 2" 16 track tape machine by singing each note in the chord layered. I did it four times through each in a different signal chain (mic, compressor, pre-amp) so it wouldn't sound like a stock vocal pad. It took a few days to do that but you can hear it prominently in the song.

"A few months went by and I forgot I'd asked this friend to work on it with me so I sent it to him again and he jokingly (I think) said he was tired of me sending him the song. I tend to get pretty wrapped up in things once the process starts but this one worked as I wanted it to, a cool and short burst like a Buddy Holly or Buck Owens style pop song."

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