War Criminal: Mosh Riffs Meet Office Space in "From Tha Gutter" Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Eduardo Ruiz

In his review of War Criminal's 2020 God Failed Me EP, No Echo's Adam Yoe compared the band's metallic hardcore onslaught to the likes of Year of the Knife and Jesus Piece. Now, less than a year later, the Bangor, ME-based outfit is back for the attack.

War Criminal formed in 2017, and in addition to the aformentioned God Failed Me, the group also has an EP called Suffer in their discography that dropped back in 2018. Since we last checked in with the band, they've trimmed down to a quartet, shifting drummer Tyler Lamkins into the vocalist position.

So, what does this reconfigured lineup of War Criminal sound like? Take a look and listen to the Eduardo Ruiz-directed music video for "From Tha Gutter" below and see what you think.

By the way, we love the Office Space-like touch, guys!

"We wanted to balance groove and energy, inspired by the sounds of late '90s hardcore, and use the track to introduce the next chapter of the band," Tyler told No Echo.

"It's a mix of our old style with a new spin, and for the video we thought why not poke fun at ourselves." 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by August Axcelson (Kaonashi), the "From Tha Gutter" single will drop this Friday (June 11th) on all digital outlets. You can pre-save the track via this link.

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