These Streets: NorCal Hardcore Group Offers a Beating on “Take the Risk” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Zac Zavala

These Streets have been delivering mean-sounding metallic hardcore since forming back in 2013. With members who grew up in the Central Valley and Bay Area regions of Northern California, the group has not let the pandemic nightmare get in the way of their prolific run.

Just last summer, These Streets dropped an EP called Expect the Worst, and today the quintet is back for the attack with a sonic beating called "Take the Risk." The track will be featured on their forthcoming EP, Roll tha Dice.

The song lives up to its ominous title, which you'll find out when you check out its music video, which features live These Streets footage shot by Spencer Pries:

These Streets vocalist Cam Ross says the following about "Take the Risk":

“Yo! This song is about fools who think shit is sweet and don’t think I don’t hear the shit they talk, so when they see me in person and try to hit me with that fake love, well, you know how that goes.”

Roll tha Dice will be released on September 17th on CD through Upstate Records and digitally through Blood Blast Distribution. The CD will contain 4 previously unreleased tracks.

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