theLINE: California Band Showcases Their Many Stylistic Sides on “Hawkeye” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Gary Copeland

Orange County, California's theLINE is a band with a history that stretches back to the early '90s. Before going on an extended hiatus, the group released four full-length studio albums through Volcom Entertainment, and toured extensively, garnering rave reviews and a supportive fanbase along the way.

Last year saw theLINE get back together, writing the material that would comprise their the Mass Debate EP.

Knowing a hot streak when they see it, theLine got back to work right away on their forthcoming new EP, Sour to Punker. “This batch of songs was primarily recorded over a couple sessions in late 2019 and finished right before Christmas, we recorded the songs live with minimal overdubs and no studio trickery," said drummer Jonah Immegart. 

The new EP also includes a couple of older tracks that theLINE had previously performed live but never properly recorded. But today, No Echo is focusing on the new material in the form of "Hawkeye," an epic cut from Sour to Punker that showcases a few sides of the group's stylistic direction, including an arrangement that keeps the listener on its toes:

"This song represents the sonic vibe we have been striving for. It’s an evolution of all our influences and years of mixed genres," theLINE guitarist/vocalist Donald Horne tells No Echo.

Sour to Punker will be out on October 21 via ImageArt Records. Pre-order the EP on Bandcamp today.


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