New Dawn: French Hardcore Group Brings Speed x Melody on Forthcoming EP

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New Dawn is a hardcore punk outfit based out of Nantes, a city in on the West Coast of France, featuring ex-members of early '90s band, Right 4 Life.

"In 2017, I decided to start a new band and asked Seb to join in," vocalist Olivier told No Echo in an email last week. "After 2 years of searching, we finally got our old buddy Arno from Paris on drums. Then, we booked 5 days of rehearsal in June 2019, and we then recorded our (true) Love is Forever LP. That’s when the band became solid. A few months later, we turned into a 4 piece with Guillaume joining on bass."

Keeping their quick work pace up, New Dawn is getting ready to drop their next release, a 7-song collection entitled The Wicked Shall Not Rule:

"I love to say that we're a hardcore band, and stick to that because that’s really the feeling I got when listening to our LPs; No mess, no fuss, just pure hardcore," Olivier said. 

"Regarding the production, we wanna sound raw, direct, and brutal. Maybe, we're somewhere between the energy and dynamics from Youth of Today and the dirty/street attitude from the first Agnostic Front first LP. Yes, I think it’s a good balance between old NYHC and Youth Crew."

Olivier also talked about the hardcore scene in his region of France: "In my teens, I was very active in the scene with friends, then we started families, and so on, and new kids carried the torch and bought a lot of new quality bands and gigs. Recently, those guys have moved to other things too and Corona restrictions have also put a definitive end to some cool venues around. So, it seems like we’re at the bottom point right now. New Dawn may be a starting point to something, who knows? 

"The bands you should look out for are Machette, Tromatized Youth, and Bunkum. Our bass player is also playing for them."

The Wicked Shall Not Rule will be out soon via Age of Venus Music, and you can pre-order it here.

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