Gleue: Toronto Band Brings Shoegaze-Driven Guitars on Debut Release (PREMIERE)

Photo: Alice Hirsch

Toronto’s Gleue are but the latest product of New Morality Zine’s ceaseless windfall. The trio’s debut 7-inch, Promo 2021, is a weighty and gorgeous entrée onto the scene. Front loaded with gauzy and lush instrumentation, it also sees the band meditating on grief and loss. Having lost band member Justice Chester, there’s an honorific sensibility to the songs. 

Caught beneath the push and pull of hazy shoegaze and the propulsive hum of post-hardcore, both “Glow” and “Magenta” revel in the unknown. At times morose, the lyrics flirt with both resignation and nihilism, but allow slivers of light to peek through. There’s a delicate beauty found in the downcast and emotionally fraught terrain of a band moving forward from tragedy

Gleue’s finest moments are found in the sticky melodies, awash in layers of guitar and deftly played rhythms. Though only born in 2021, we’re lucky a band this good has the judicious sense to continue in tribute.

No Echo is stoked to premiere them:

“Losing J was such an eye-opening experience; all of us are in our mid-20s so you don’t often think of death or your own mortality," says Casper of Gleue. 

"It was a jarring reminder that our time on this earth is temporary and that we need to spend it pursuing the things we love with the people we love. Although it’s incredibly difficult continuing on without him, we know it’s what he would have wanted. Justice was so proud of these songs and excited for the world to hear them, so now it’s our responsibility to continue his legacy and bring his memory with us everywhere we go. Everything this band does is for J.”

Photo: Carly Boomer

Promo 2021 will be out on October 15th via New Morality Zine. There's a limited edition hifi 7-inch lathe cute, plus Gleue merch, at this link.

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