Death Before Dishonor Return with Fury on “True Defeat” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Todd Pollock

It's nuts how time flies, especially in the hardcore world. If it weren't for recent news from the folks at Bridge Nine Records, I wouldn't have guessed that it's been a decade since Death Before Dishonor released its last album, Better Ways to Die. The reason this all came up is because the label announced that the Boston hardcore crew would be returning to record stores via Unfinished Business, the fittingly titled fourth studio album from the band.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Hatebreed, Municipal Waste), Unfinished Business is coming out later this month, but in the meantime, bite into "True Defeat," an absolutely crushing track from the forthcoming album:

Unfinished Business will arrive in stores on July 26 via Bridge Nine Records and you can pre-order it today.


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