Tension: Weird & Chaotic UK Hardcore Punk Comes at Ya on “Scale” (PREMIERE)

Bristol UK’s Tension sounds like a tightly wound, agitated buncha punks. Turns out, the glorious racket is the sonic brainchild of but a single person. Dan Melizan pulls double duty here, also heading Callous Records. A cursory look through the lengthy discography, the UK-based screamo and punk label has been carefully cultivated, boasting a pretty rad cadre of acts.

Releases aside, Melizan’s own resume is as a writer/performer is a longer read than most long running labels. Fortunately for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, there’s an unsubstantiated rumor that this (up to now) single cell organism will be a live proposition this summer. 

The debut EP, Moving On, will soon be street ready courtesy of Crew Cuts, who, as promised, keep dropping top-tier punk cuts. Handled as a co-release, Blind Rage Records has us adequately covered Stateside. 

No Echo is stoked to premiere “Scale” from the aforementioned EP. Proving that Tension is as apt a moniker as any, the song is a treble heavy slice of nervous energy. Clocking in at just north of a minute, it’s as breezy as it is antagonistic:

It plays tale of two halves, pairing a herky jerky first wave punk riff to an isolated bass and drums run that’s indebted more to hardcore. Yet, there’s a wide breadth of influence across the all-too-brief collection. The caustic and harrowing vocals separate this from the more egg punk leaning among our readers. Each touchstone I have is fleeting. This shit is weird, chaotic, and inspired. 

As quickly as the opening riff is reprised, it’s done and dusted. Lest I show my hand too soon, rest assured that the remaining tracks are every bit the rousing punk ragers. Tension never felt so freeing. Get loose, fuckers. 

Moving On will be released by Crew Cuts (UK pre-order) and Blind Rage Records (US pre-order).


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