My People Fest 2023: German Hardcore Event Expands In Its Second Year (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lilian Rodrigues is the brains behind My People Records, an innovative record label, booking agency, podcast, and festival out of Berlin, Germany.

This “one-woman-show” is responsible for bringing some of Europe’s best live hardcore and punk entertainment, while maintaining an unrelenting commitment to showcasing BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA2S+ community members.

While aggressive music prides itself on being for outsiders, it has been known to be dominated by cisgender white males, which stands in glaring contrast to the People of the Global Majority. 

Growing up in Brazil with an Afro-Brazilian background, Lilian has been fighting for representation for underrepresented members of the hardcore and punk community for over two decades by being involved in various DIY efforts like fanzines, bands, CD-R labels, and distros, and of course organizing shows and festivals.

Speaking of festivals, we are presenting you with the second lineup announcement for year two of My People Fest:

  • Choke Cocoi (Philippines)
  • xDregsx (Austria)*
  • FAIM (Colorado)*
  • Fuse (Singapore)*
  • Dying for It (Portland)
  • incaseyouleave (England)
  • Initiate (Los Angeles)
  • Iron Deficiency (France)
  • Move BHC (Boston)*
  • Nø Man (Washington DC)*
  • Problem Patterns (Northern Ireland)
  • Shoreline (Germany)*
  • ¡Tomar Control! (Peru)*

*Previously announced bands were featured in a recent article by our friends at IDIOTEQ (more information about last year’s fest can be found here as well).

Believe it or not, this is not the entire list, as the last wave of bands will be announced in early March. Since its inception last year, the fest’s growth includes an increased number of bands (from just 4 to 20), number of days (from 1 to 3), and this year will offer vegan food and lectures by activist groups in an open-air space.

My People Fest will provide true diversity of sound by bringing all of a wide spectrum of subgenres within hardcore and punk. Frequent readers of No Echo should be familiar with the American bands like Dying For It, FAIM, Initiate, Move BHC, and Nø Man.

Included in this second wave announcement are Choke Cocoi, a metallic hardcore band from the Phillipines, who have previously toured all over Southeast Asia:

Two bands from the United Kingdom will make the trip over to mainland Europe for the fest include a screamo band from London called incaseyouleave:

Also appearing will be Problem Patterns, a feminist queer punks band from Belfast:

From France are Iron Deficiency (readers may know them from their partnership with American label Patient Zero Records), who bring the chaos with their version of hardcore, similar that of '90s Converge:

A band of note from the original announcement for My People Fest 2023 are ¡Tomar Control! from Peru. For those unaware, the country is in significant political turmoil. On their sixth President in seven years, the country’s last President Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve the congress planning to impeach him last December and as a result was imprisoned and replaced by his Vice President Dina Boluarte.

As you can imagine, the combination of political instability within the economic uncertainty of COVID, plane tickets have skyrocketed for the band and so they are crowdfunding their tickets to make sure they can get to Europe.

¡Tomar Control! (Photo: jml.fotos)

Quickly denouncing Castillo, the military and the police, have responded to political uprisings with an iron fist and has imposed curfews and suspended civil liberties, which has drawn worldwide criticism.

Read more about it and support ¡Tomar Control! here.


Tickets for My People Fest 2023 are available at this link. Check out the festival's official website for more information.


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