Subzero: Rejuvenated NYHC Crew Takes a New Stab at a Classic Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Lou Di Bella

As detailed in No Echo's 2020 interview with vocalist Lou Di Bella, Subzero is back in business after many years away from the recording studio. Formed in 1989, the New York metallic hardcore vets will releasing a new studio album, Beauty in Sorrow, in 2021.

To whet our appetite, Subzero will be issuing a 7 inch entitled House of Grief tomorrow. 

One of the tracks is a new version of "Necropolis (City of the Damned)," the title track to the EP Subzero released in 2003 via Jamey Jasta's Stillborn Records label. Check out their revamped take of the thrashin' track below:

Upstate Records founder Mario Cangemi said the following to No Echo about the project:

"Coordinating the release through Upstate Records (US) and Demons Run Amok (EU) along with a digital distribution deal through Blood Blast Distribution, Subzero is in prime position to release House of Grief to the masses. 

The first release will be a 7 inch single featuring new track 'House of Grief' as the A-side and the re-recorded version of 'Necropolis' as the B-side."

House of Grief will be released October 30th via Upstate Records and Demons Run Amok.

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