Heiress, Distant Fires (Satanik Royalty Records, 2021)

Probably similar to those of you reading, the last year or so has been far different than I could've ever planned or imagined. Just two months ago, I tried to go back to college by moving to Seattle.

The show I would attend a day after getting there was supposed to be Heiress at El Corazon, but they were unable to play, and my anxiety/fatigue wasn't allowing me to have energy for a night out.

As I write, I'm in the Los Angeles area after various complications and changes; and while I didn't get to see Heiress play out, their new record couldn't have arrived at a better time.

At a little over 40 minutes, Distant Fires is a haymaker of a record from beginning to end.

Unlike what I tend to hear in more new or less experienced bands, Heiress is not concerned whether listeners think they fit in the box that is sounding "hardcore" enough, "metal" enough, or any nonsense.

It is refreshing and rewarding to hear a band that isn't searching for their sonic identity and isn't searching for any audience either; whether it grabs your attention or not, this music is pummeling towards you.

One of my favorite moments is the transition from the song "Collides" to "Once Was,"; especially on the first listen; it is surprising and abrupt in the best way. John Pettibone's vocals sound ferocious and precise, using concise lyrics that allow the songs to breathe.

As much power as you hear on Distant Fires, I don't want to give an impression of a lack of balance. Especially on the song "Collides," Heiress shows great musicality in writing lighter parts among the heft of the overall record. 

Photo: Scott Evans

I know since the first announcement came out, Distant Fires has been one of the primary records I've been anxious to hear this year.

I hope to see Heiress live again, especially to hear these songs, and I can't thank the band enough for releasing a uniquely strong record in a time where there is almost too much music/media to take in effectively.

Set for digital release on the third of December through Satanik Royalty Records and vinyl on the 25th of February 2022, the time to pre-order Distant Fires is now

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