Shiiva: California Band Embraces the Community Aspect of Hardcore in New Music Video

Photo: Joe Snapped @snapstv

Formed back in 2020, Shiiva is proudly part of the Antelope Valley hardcore scene in Southern California. Featuring members of such groups as All Eyez, Los Mangos, '92, Captain Smooth Talk, and The Downsides, the quintet's sound is as eclectic as their various influences.

Some of the bands that Shiiva cite as prime inspirations include Shelter, Descendents, and Gorilla Biscuits.It's no surprise their songs are both catchy and propulsive.

To date, Shiiva have released two EPs, their self-released GROOV(E) in 2020, and 2022's Cyclone, which was a co-release between Wiretap Records & Another City Records. 

Teaming up with director Daniel Clark (Springline Productions), Shiiva just made a music video for Cyclone track "Short," which also features guest vocals from Cameron Grabowski of These Streets:

Shiiva vocalist/percussionist Brillo Ward said this about the track:

"This song really zeroes in on the importance of communication between people. 'Short' dives deep into what it takes to make relationships with significant others, friends, and family work smoothly. While our generation excels in technology and networking, communication seems to be at an all-time low. People struggle to express themselves genuinely and often resort to passive-aggressive behavior.

"Cameron’s contribution from These Streets adds an emotional layer to the track, and collaborating with an old friend and supporter like him felt really special. Working with Daniel Clark, a hometown legend, was a source of immense pride for us, emphasizing the community aspect of hardcore music that we cherish. We aimed for this song and music video to demonstrate the importance of communication and how to overcome its challenges effectively.”"

Cyclone is available digitally and on vinyl via Wiretap Records/Another City Records

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Upcoming Shiiva shows:
2/22/2024 - Bakersfield, Ca @ Jerry’s Pizza w/ Zulu, Spy & Sordo
3/29/2024 - Lancaster, Ca @ No Comply w/ Triste, Face Facts, Milk Mustache & Insolito 


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