Kin Corruption: Greek Metallic Hardcore Band Discusses Their New Album, Local Scene

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The seeds of Kin Corruption were planted in 2014 when musicians Giannis B. and George T. began jamming for kicks. The group eventually took shape and the Athens, Greece-based showcased their metallic hardcore chops via a single "To These Days," a year after forming. 

"The band draws influence from a wide range of heavy alternative music scenes; from nu metal acts like Limp Bizkit to crossover thrash groups like Municipal Waste to old Metallica, and of course hardcore bands like Terror, Walls of Jericho, and Comeback Kid," says Kin Corruption guitarist Dimitris T.

Next month, Kin Corruption will be dropping KCHC, their debut album. They recently released a track from the record called "Third Law" that No Echo asks Dimitris about. "The lyrics deal with bullying; an issue that deeply concerns us and which we’ve been wanting to address this for a while now," the guitarist tells us. "Its symbolism is clear; every action exerts an equal reaction. We want this message to be spread and to motivate people to react, to speak up, and to be heard."

Admittedly, No Echo hasn't covered many Greek bands through the years. Since we're chatting with Dimitris, let's see what he thinks about Kin Corruption and how they're viewed in their local scene. "The metal scene in Greece consists of hundreds of bands and the majority of them comes from the two largest cities: Athens and Thessaloniki. This makes it quite difficult to quickly gain a fan base, as people break up into concerts that take place almost every week at various venues.

"Nevertheless, the acceptance that we've had from the first moment, mainly in our city, Athens, is perceptible to us. There are several bands that we appreciate and consider our brothers in the local scene, namely Malignant, Senserase, Eden Demise, TripNote and Skybinder. We also have constant contact with Blood Shot Down from Berlin, Germany, a band that we had our first collaboration with in 2017, when we opened together the live show of Nasty in Athens.

"In fact, we recently released a video clip for our previous single called 'Brothers' in which we tried to gather most of our local bands for a cameo appearance.


KCHC will be out May 7th.

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