Shiiva: Radio-Ready Alt-Rock & Melodic Punk Merge on “TTG” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Georgia Rawson

Riding the line between radio-ready alt-rock and melodic punk, Shiiva is a band based out of Lancaster, California.

It's been almost two years since No Echo last checked in with the quartet, and that time was promoting their debut EP, GROOV(E). Since then, the group dropped a single called Night After Night, gotten some good press, and played shows throughout their region. 

The other development in Shiiva's timeline is their signing to Wiretap Records, a label also behind releases by such bands as American Television, Harker, and Audio Karate.

For their first release on their new label home, Shiiva will be dropping a new EP called Cyclone, and No Echo has partnered with the Cali crew to premiere the music video for "TTG" below:

Here's what Shiiva had to say about "TTG" and its lyrics:

"The story conveys what true love through peril looks like, as well as what a partnership truly accomplish as shown as in the music video. From its explosive melodies to its jock-heavy chants, this song harnesses the great energy of Shiiva.”

Finally, Shiiva just announced that they'll be part of this fall's installment of The Fest in Gainesville, Florida (details here). After that, they'll be on the Act Like You Know festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma alongside such bands as Scowl, Spy, Gridiron, and End It:

The "TTG" single will hit streaming outlets this Friday, June 10th (pre-save). Cyclone will be out on August 12th via Wiretap Records.

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