Shiiva: California Melodic Punk Band Band Is “Happy” on Debut Track (PREMIERE)

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Based out of Lancaster, California, Shiiva is a melodic punk band that formed in late 2019. The quartet features current and former members of such groups as Life for a Life, The Downsides, and All Eyez.

Guitarist Cole Patterson tells No Echo that Shiiva initially began as a bedroom project with vocalist Jabril, working on material together, before recruiting two other musicians from their local area—bassist Alex and drummer Carlos—to fill out the lineup.

In 2020, Shiiva recruited longtime friend/music engineer Vince Beigel to record their debut EP, GROOV(E), in Pasadena. No Echo is bringing you the premiere of "Happy," a track lifted from the forthcoming EP:

"It's a story about inconsistencies in a relationships, and lack of communication, which can cause heavy strains, mental anarchy, and isolation," says Cole. "We have all been in relationships where you feel like no matter how much you offer, your significant other is only offering 25 percent while you have 75 to give. In this story, we have two lovers who are at a stalemate in their relationship. A choice needs to be made on their future together and it appears as if one of them is not communicating, letting that person know how they truly feel in regards to uncertainty.

"Our main goal with this song was to write something a little abnormal in comparison to most love songs. We think that in songwriting it’s important to provide our listeners with something organic and challenging, that they can create in their own minds upon hearing our tunes. The dreadful question of “are you happy?' is one that is commonly exchanged in relationships and eventually will require an answer that can either make or break you.

"Lyrically speaking, we try to be as inclusive as we can. We think it is important to not add any type of gender in our lyrics since love is fluid and universal amongst all spectrums." 

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