Razorblade: Crossover Thrashers Proud of Their Newest EP, Pittsburgh Music Community

Photo: Gage Vota

Razorblade is a crossover thrash band from Pittsburgh started by guitarist/vocalist Slammy. "We formed in early 2022 after I had just moved to Pittsburgh to be with my wife," he told No Echo via email about the group's formation.

"I wrote a 4-song demo by myself and recorded it with the help of James Becca (fallfiftyfeet) from there I started looking for members and met JB through some mutual friends. We started jamming and filtered through a few drummers before we landed on our current drummer Jay. We've pretty much just been grinding ever since. Writing,recording and touring as much as we can."

Razorblade's latest release is a double-single, "Nocturnal Beast" b/w "The Devil Led Us" that does a bang-up job of showcasing their speedy approach and riff attack:

"We're definitely a crossover band I would say," said Slammy. "I draw a lot of influence from bands like Megadeth, Power Trip, Slayer, and Anthrax. But I'm a big Anti-Cimex and Inepsy fan as well so I feel that factors into the more punk and D-beat parts. We play fast and dirty.

"I'm from Ohio so I grew up listening to Ringworm a lot and I loved that style of hardcore and metal mixed together. I would definitely say Toxic Holocaust and Midnight are also pretty big influences to us as well. Metal, punk, hardcore, and rock 'n' roll. I don't want all our songs to sound the same but still have a general idea."

Last summer, Razorblade also dropped a 5-song EP called Raw Masticators. "I'd say the new singles are definitely our more evil Midnight inspired stuff. And the Raw Masticators songs are more fantasy inspired thrash/hardcoe songs. The most popular song from Raw Masticators is 'Shit Pipe." which is was a true story about a friend of ours who went on a 3-day drug bender and broke into a pizza shop and destroyed the plumbing in their basement. He's sober now. Thank God!

"Raw Masticators and our 2 new singles were recorded,mixed and mastered by Noah Sommers (Princess) he is the absolute best ans we love him!"

Slammy also offered some insight on the Steel City underground music scene for us. "Pittsburgh is an interesting spot to live for sure! We live in Polish Hill. There's generator shows in the woods, 2 punk bars and house venues pop up all around every now and again. There's Cruel Noise, that's a punk label and podcast, Pleasant Dreams Records, which is definitely a sick spot to check out.

We have Shred Shed and Mr. Smalls for sick metal shows and Preserving Concerts, a little outside the city for all your hardcore shows. 

Tons of sick bands from Pittsburgh,I can't name them all but here's a few:

  • Speed Plans 
  • Bloddy Run
  • Illiterates 
  • Vicious Blade 
  • Disease of the Mind 
  • Lady Beast 
  • Cemented in Fear 
  • Princess 
  • Negative 13
  • Constant Hell
  • Nullum 

Slammy and his Razorblade bandmates are looking to get busy in 2024. "We're always looking to do more. Touring, making friends doing cool stuff. If your in a band and think we would do good in your area hit us up! If you want to come to Pittsburgh or somewhere near by hit us up!

"We all gotta help each other out. It doesn't matter if your a hardcore band or thrash or punk or death metal or whatever! Help bands, give people contacts for shows, whatever you can do, do it! It's all rock 'n' roll at the end of the day and rock 'n' roll is the only thing that really matters!"


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