Public Opinion: Garage Rock Unit Blesses Us with Cool Riffs Galore on Debut EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Miranda Meaker 

A garage rock outfit that clearly understands the potency of combining a catchy guitar riff with a pulsating backbeat, Public Opinion is a new band with roots in the hardcore scene.

The group was started by guitarist/vocalist Kevin Hart, a musician who most recently appeared as a member of Sex with a Terrorist, aka S.W.A.T., an '80s US hardcore-styled outfit also including Ian Shelton (Regional Justice Center, Militarie Gun) and Patrick Kindlon (Self Defense Family, Drug Church) within its ranks.

Public Opinion's debut 3-track EP, Pay No Mind, also reminds this writer of the Hives and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in moments. "Public Opinion started because I wanted to sing in a band," Kevin tells No Echo, "especially something that wasn't so fast like the bands I played in previously.

"I did a two-song demo by myself early last year, and then brought in the three other guys to record the Pay No Mind tape. I came with the full vision and they helped flesh it out." 

Listen to Pay No Mind one day before its officially released thanks to No Echo below:

"I originally demoed the songs that turned into Pay Mo Mind tape while recording the S.W.A.T. demo, which is how Ian wound up contributing the backing vocals. He sang them on the original versions and we wanted him to do it on the final version too.

"The songs are mostly about feeling tangled up, typically within social hierarchy but also within myself, and trying to get out from underneath whatever the problem is.

"Sometimes those problems are the clowns you spend your time with or idolize, but sometimes the problem is you."

Pay No Mind will be released tomorrow (January 22) via Convulse Records. A pre-order just launched for a limited edition version of the EP on cassette.


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