Sick Shit x Whelm: NJ Hardcore Meets Cali Grind for New Split (PREMIERE)

Sick Shit (Photo: Keith Ballargeon)

The gloriously named Sick Shit have found previous coverage on No Echo via their face-ripping hardcore punk attack. The last time we checked in on the band, the New Jersey outfit had just dropped their EP 2018 release. As 2019 draws near its end, Sick Shit are teaming up with Los Angeles-based grinders Whelm for a split 7".

As a dude who ate up a ton of split releases in the '90s, I always love to see current bands and labels keeping that spirit alive, and this Sick Shit meets Whelm pairing is a beautifully brutal one. While the record is still a few weeks out, that doesn't mean we can't listen to the tunes, so dig in below: 

"The lyrics in this release are about behaviors in people around us that spread and make us sick like a plague," the Whelm folks said about their side of the collaboration. "'Fence Sitter' is about how people's indecisiveness to act makes them complicit in evil. 'Wake up the World' is about a drunk roommate waking up the whole house puking. 'Scavenge' is about people circling when they see you doing something important, trying to feed off of it."

Whelm (Photo: Dan Rawe)

The pre-order for the Sick Shit x Whelm split 7" is available now from Choke Artist.

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