Modern Color: Cali Melodic Rock Outfit Goes Twilight Zone on Us in "Out of Reach" Music Video

Photo: Katy Viola

Modern Color formed in San Pedro, California back in 2014, drawing from such influences as Hum, Title Fight, and Dinosaur Jr. Developing their unique songwriting voice along the way, the group embodied the DIY ethos, touring and booking their own shows, and dropping two studio albums, among other releases.

The next chapter in the Modern Color story will soon see the light of day as From the Leaves of Your Garden, the California band's latest album. Partnering with director Katy Viola, No Echo is pleased to premiere the group's music video for "Out of Reach," a track from the forthcoming record:

"'Out of Reach' is the second single we’re releasing from From the Leaves of Your Garden, produced by our friend Corey Coffman of Gleemer," said the Modern Color guys via email. "This song is a somber reflection of life, love, and moving on, but it’s also one of our biggest sounding, most aggressive tracks and we love how those moods can contrast.

"The video for this song was shot at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California by our talented friend Katy Viola and stars a new friend, Emaline Cunningham. The idea for the video is based off of a Twilight Zone episode and we felt like the mysterious, eerie charm behind the Queen Mary was perfect for the kind of hazy and reflective loop we were trying to recreate.”

From the Leaves of Your Garden will be out soon via Other People Records and can be pre-ordered now.

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