Uncurbed, ...Keeps the Banner High (Not Enough, 2022 reissue)

There’s been a handful of bands over the ages that have stood the grueling test of time and trends.

Without question, Sweden’s hardcore punks Uncurbed have always been in the forefront and this latest reissue of their iconic ....Keeps the Banner High goes to show how vital this band is.  

I was first introduced to this punk rock madness around the mid-'90s when A Nightmare in Daylight was released off Finn Records and this slab of crusty goodness really caught my attention.

Since then, the band has had a fruitful ensemble of releases, and every release seemed to level up from the previous. Fast forward to 2000 and the bands seminal ...Keeps the Banner High off Sound Pollution Records hit turntables, once again reinforcing why this band is so damn good at what they do. 

This particular album is the bands 6th release and needless to say, one of their strongest to date.

Uncurbed have a signature sound, something you can decipher the moment it starts blasting and this is a quality that’s difficult to accomplish in extreme music. The trademark dueling vocals and sheer madness of its delivery brings a tidal wave of adrenaline that makes the band so dominant.

If you’re familiar with the band, you know that driving tempo. Manic drum hits with their notable floor tom beats that gets the fire lit and ready to dance hard like the track "Ockupera Mera"…excellent driving punk riffs with fist pounding energy.

Sweden is notorious for excellent music, but Uncurbed stand out and that’s quite the accomplishment coming from an area of the world that has some of the most amazing hardcore punk and metal.

The illustrious and dedicated Swedish label Not Enough was gracious to do a reissue of this essential album. The label has been around for 20 years, so you know you’ll be getting some required hits with every release. Do yourself a favor and get on this crucial release.

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