E: Cape Cod Band Waves Power Violence Flag on New Album

Photo: Left Hand Path Media

In music, regionality matters. You can hear the Southern Californian, the Floridian, the New England in a band’s sound. Often this takes incredible familiarity with the scene, a special kind of knowing that can only stem from much exposure. Other times, though, the effort towards listener awareness is a bit more explicit.

This is the case for the Cape Cod-proud cuties of E—who started their most recent release, In the Stu, with a clip from 1950s best-selling singer Patti Page’s tune “Old Cape Cod."

The opening song is lovely and features Page's classic crooning vocal style but what follows is nothing of the sort. The type of juxtaposition in heavy music that I've come to very much appreciate. Suggestive of some influences that are unique. Indicative of an upcoming auditory treat.

What comes is brutal and hard and fast. Hallmarks of the power violence sound and according to E, a cathartic experience in creating:

On the lyrical content of E’s tracks I’m told, “They are mostly about fucking up cowards and jokes. Some to think about and some to laugh about, although there are certainly themes and some exploration into some deeper feelings that I really enjoy using this project as an outlet for.” 

The content is relatable for anyone who's ever felt used, or abused, or had a landlord that didn’t deserve to keep their kneecaps. 

On paper they’re well written, in practice—vocals are delivered in an unforgiving growl. The music itself  is tinny and harsh—a perfect complement to the bitterness revealed through this poetic process of self-discovery. Together the two feel authentic, sourced from lived experience.E is comprised of E on vocals, Peg on bass, Jon on bass, and at present, Alex on drums.

The band is currently seeking a replacement drummer, in case you'd like to drop a resume. Started by E over the summer of 2020, the band played their first set in a DIY skate park. Punk rock indeed.

Photo: Left Hand Path Media

Though the songs were written by E himself, roommates Peg and Alex joined for, what they thought at the time, would be a one-time gig. Now showing up on band flyers all over New England, each with impressive lineups. 

I was lucky to come across them at Boston’s beloved O'Brien's Pub while opening for the almighty World Peace. Stomping and vicious and wearing a crop top. I had to know more: 

I’m told In the Stu is E’s first album that got proper studio time. “Every other one of our albums is a culmination of either me working at it entirely alone (with minimal exceptions) or a massive group effort in one of our winter rentals for a weekend.”

While I adore the dissonant, fuzzy recordings prior to this record, In the Stu is clearly a forward evolution that makes for something more listenable. As such, I’m looking forward to more."

Follow E on Instagram to keep with their upcoming releases and gigs. Hoping to see you myself at the next gig on Novemer 29th at downtown New Bedford venue The Vault.


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