Malignant: Greek Band Whips Up ‘90s-Inspired Metallic Hardcore on “Blinded” (PREMIERE)

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Though they're a young lot, the members of Malignant were drawn together by a shared admiration for late '90s and early '00s metallic hardcore. 

Based out of Athens, Greece, the quintet dropped a well-received 3-song promo in 2019, garnering attention from listeners and several labels throughout the globe along the way. In fact, before COVID-19 shook the world in early 2020, the band had just finished a successful run of live dates around their home country and Bulgaria.

During the forced lockdown, Malignant focused on the material that would eventually come together in a truly motherfucker of a record called With Daggers Between Our Teeth. Recorded and produced by Senserase's Kostas Katsantonis, the 7-track collection was then reamped and mixed by No Echo pal Taylor Young (God's Hate, Twitching Tongues), and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Ampere, Orchid) at Dead Air Studios.

I mentioned '90s metallic hardcore in my opening, so tell me I'm lyin' after sinking your teeth (pun intended) into "Blinded," a sonic blitzkrieg from With Daggers Between Our Teeth. The track features a guest appearance from Marion Folly, vocalist of Swiss metalcore outfit Path of Resurgence:

"One of the blessings of the delays of this record, was that we had the chance to see Path of Resurgence come out and take the European scene by its grip, with Marion's screeches on the forefront," Malignant guitarist Mario Garofano told No Echo via email. "Marion's vocal delivery compliments wonderfully an already in-your-face, aggressive track.

"We chose this song as the main single off the record, both because of its straight-forwardness and because of it being the first song we wrote for this release, in early 2019, which is so long ago by now. It was with this track that we felt for the first time that we had started to get an idea of how a proper, whole track could sound like for this project, and that is why we all still cherish it dearly."

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With Daggers Between Our Teeth will be released on all digital platforms on December 2nd, on CD through the band, Bound By Modern Age Records (GER, EU), Mark My Words Records (UK), and KOTP Records (USA).

A limited amount of cassettes are available through the band, Youth Authority Records (FR, EU), KOTP Records (USA), and others coming soon, as well as vinyl in 2022.

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