Living Room: Brooklyn Band Fires Off Shoegaze-Kissed Hooks on “Petrol Head” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Josh Lee

With a sound that recalls the poppier side of '90s shoegaze and modern-day emo, Brooklyn's Living Room are tunesmiths of a high order. Their hook-heavy yet dissonant approach gets stuck deeper inside your head with each listen.

Living Room's forthcoming studio album, New Years, will make fans of such bands as Fiddlehead, Superheaven, and Balance and Composure fall in love with them, if they aren't already so.

No Echo is excited to share the group's music video for "Petrol Head," the album's superb opening track:

Living Room guitarist/vocalist Scott Fitzpatrick says:

"This song is about seeing yourself in other people. Everyone is a mirror and no matter who we're experiencing life with, we will see ourselves in one another if we look hard enough. It can be a struggle acknowledging our faults but if we truly see our own reflection it feels good and we want more.”

New Years will be out on June 10th via Fear Icon Records (pre-order link). The "Petrol Head" single will hit all streaming outlets this Friday (April 1st).

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