Fastix: New UK Hardcore Band Kick Off 2020 with Purpose

"I started it at the beginning of 2019 as a solo-project and a different creative outlet, as my other bands (Crucify Their Martyr and This Is Treason) were becoming increasingly experimental and I mostly wanted to make more basic music that was fun to rock out to but also had a socially-conscious edge," says Ethan Treason, the brainchild of UK hardcore band, Fastix. 

No Echo recently learned about the new group and decided to chat a bit with Ethan about the endeavor. "The self-titled EP that came out in April 2019 was entirely recorded by me and was influenced primarily by '80s US hardcore bands like Minor Threat, Inside Out, and Gorilla Biscuits, as well as Rage Against the Machine," Ethan explains. "I think I'd call us a hardcore band, in a very broad sense of the term. There's experimentation with elements from different genres and modulation effects and stuff, which could lead to that pretty ambiguous idea of post-hardcore, though."

The UK has been pushing out some quality hardcore music in the last few years, but I ask Ethan about his local scene and how Fastix fits in: "Being from Harrogate, there's definitely a lot of well-known heavy bands to look up to like Acid Reign, Asomvel, and Workshed, but the band that probably inspired most of us now, has to be Blood Youth. Right now, we definitely don't feel that much kinship to the scene, because there isn't much of a scene. There is great current bands who are from here like Ericbana, Misery Bids, Scum, and Hell Fire Jack, go back a few years there's even more like Valhalla Pacifists, Bad Manifest, and Waking Theo, but everyone's a lot older than us, so there's a big disconnect.

"We definitely feel more kinship with the Leeds scene because the punk and hardcore scene is massive there with venues like the Temple of Boom, Wharf Chambers, and the Key Club constantly putting on great shows. Higher Power, the Flex, Big Cheese, Mere Mortal, and Coproach are some of my personal favorites. Distort (who are technically from Bingley) put out a great EP at the end of 2019, they've always got a crazy stage presence and are super chill guys."

Heard above, Disuse Records just released Fastix's latest relese, No Future 2020. "No Future 2020 is definitely a progression from the last EP. In my opinion, there's way more energy and anger. It was written in the months leading up to the last general election here in the UK and focuses quite a lot on that as well as climate change and the meat industry, but it's not purely political: the 4th track is about scene unity and not discriminating against someone because they don't listen to the 'right' bands."

Head to the Fastix Bandcamp page to download No Future 2020.

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