Lamniformes Create a Headphone Dreamscape with ‘Sisyphean’ Album (PREMIERE)

Photo: Richard Gin

Lamniformes is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Ian Cory. The solo project finds Ian exploring the atmospheric side of his musical instincts, whether that's something reminiscent of the crushing post-metal of Neurosis or the slow-burning instrumentals of This Will Destroy You, Lamniformes is all about riding a vibe out to its full conclusion.

Recorded by Seth Engel (Options, Great Deceivers) at Pallet Sound in Chicago, Sisyphean is a 6-song LP that showcases Lamniformes' wide-screened sonic attack, that I suggest you soak in with the use of headphones like I did:

For the Sisyphean sessions, Ian was joined in the studio by musicians from the Brooklyn and Chicago art rock scene, including Gabby's World and Bellows, two bands he's played in through the years. On the lyrical front, the songs on the album deal with everything from issues of mental health to toxic relationships to modern life. 

Sisyphean will be out on March 15 via Furious Hooves. In addition to the digital release, the label also has a limited edition cassette available for sale, which you can check out below:

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