Primal Rite, Complex Life of Passion (Grave Mistake Records, 2016)

Primal Rite is a Bay Area-based metallic hardcore band featuring current and former members of Busted Outlook, Condition, Tony Molina Band, Profile, and Face the Rail. Recorded by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Whirr) at his Atomic Garden Recording Studio, Complex Life of Passion is the second release from the group, and serves as a perfect introduction to Primal Rite's Clevo-inspired songwriting style.

The record opens up with an ominous intro (like many other fine hardcore records do) that builds into a riff monster along the lines of Integrity's "Incarnate 365" before erupting into a faster hardcore assault. Yes, Integrity is a band the members of Primal Rite have clearly studied. "Spirit Under Siege" even features a Melnick brothers-worthy guitar divebomb during its intro.

With a dancefloor-ready breakdown and gang vocal refrains, "Nightingale" is the most traditional-sounding hardcore cut on Complex Life of Passion, and a nice choice as a closer. I'm definitely sold on this band.

[Editor's note: Cover photo for this article by Angela Owens.]

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