Going Off: British Hardcore Outfit Keeps Things Short & Nasty on Destroy EP

Photo: Lauren Quarmby

Based out of the music holy ground of Manchester (Joy Division, Smiths, Stone Roses, Oasis), Going Off is a British hardcore band that originally appeared on No Echo back in the beginning of this year via their eponymous demo. 

The quintet keeps things brutal, groove-driven, and short, something they showcase perfectly on their aptly titled debut EP, Destroy. The new 12-track onslaught lasts a mere 11 minutes, but that's all the boys need to get their point across:

"Each track lyrically relates to various different forms of self-destruction, both physically and mentally — from PTSD, self-starvation, addiction, and even ingesting acid," said the band via email.

Destroy was recorded at Studio 6 near Swindon, UK, a studio renowned for working with the likes of Desolated, Malevolence, and many more notable names in the UKHC scene. 

Destroy is available now on all streaming platforms. The EP will be released in the States on vinyl (Patient Zero Records) and cassette (a7Ax Records) in December.

If you're in the UK, cassettes will be available via Weather Girl Records, with CDs being handled by Mark My Words Records.


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