Jab: Long Island Hardcore Band Whips Up a Mosh Beast with “Wound Up” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Mark Valentino

It feels like I'm writing about Long Island hardcore on the site a lot lately. With bands like Rule Them All, Sanction, and Hangman currently representing for the region, who could really blame me? It's the latter group mentioned that brings us to today. When Ron from Hangman hit me up via email a couple of weeks back to tell me about his other band, Jab, I knew I had to check it out right away. Glad I did.

Jab is comprised of friends from the LIHC community. "We've all bonded over going to Long island hardcore shows over and over again seeing bands such as Incendiary, King Nine, Backtrack, Capital, Silent Majority, Madball, Terror, Hatebreed...the list goes on," Ron tells me about the unit.

In his first email to me, the bassist described Jab's sound as being influenced by the likes of All Out War, Merauder, and Indecision, and that's a perfect way to describe the metallic and mosh-crazy vibe.

To fully understand what I'm saying, it's best you listen for yourself below on "Wound Up," a nasty track from Jab's forthcoming 6-track EP, Casualty of Reality:

"The song is about how at times I can't control my temper and I end up taking it out on the people who least deserve it," admits Jab vocalist Matt Spataro about his lyrics for "Wound Up." 

"Jab started about 3 years ago and have had some really awesome support from our local scene, getting asked to play lots of cool shows and playing with some of the newer younger bands," says Ron.

"We have a lot support from our friends in Hangman, Life's Question, Backtrack, Incendiary, King Nine. We dont get the opportunity to tour a lot being that most of us have jobs that we're unable to get away from as much as we want, but we've found opportunites to play around the East Coast as well as the Midwest.

"We plan on getting out there more as soon as we release our new music," Ron tells me about he and his Jab comrades.

Photo: Tom Steinberg

The new Jab EP, Casualty of Reality, will be out April 17, so head to the bands social media pages (Twitter, Instagram) to keep up with the band's upcoming news and shows. Jab will be playing a gig at Amityville Music Hall on March 24 along with Internal Bleeding, Carcosa,  Bowel Erosion, and Sprawl.


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