Hostilities: Portland Hardcore Band Discusses New Label Deal, Forthcoming Debut LP

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Hostilities is a hardcore band you will surely be hearing about more in the coming months. The Portland, OR quartet formed in 2018, releasing 2 singles and an EP entitled Violent Breed a couple of years back.

"Originally, it was supposed to be a sludgy doomy metal band but that obviously didn’t happen," Hostilities drummer Andy Rice tells No Echo. "With some member changes and playing some shows around Northwest, we landed on the 4-piece we have now. The band's sound came about by just trying to be heavy. Initially we looked at bands like Converge and Kublai Khan TX but over time, we evolved more into a classic metalcore band.

"We had planed extensive touring in 2020 in a full North American run through Canada, the US, and a spot at This is Hardcore fest. Instead, thanks to the pandemic, we wrote a record called No Cowards.” 

For the release of No Cowards, Hostilities have signed with Bullet Tooth, the label founded by Josh Grabelle, who was also behind Trustkill Records:

No Echo asks Hostilities bassist Jeff Neuman how they connected with Bullet Tooth: "Josh and Andy have known each other for a long time. After tracking and finishing the record, we sent it over to Josh who loved the record and the video we did, and it more or less just went from there. Josh has been awesome helping us move this along."

Photo: Alexandra Zacarrdo Laur

In terms of the lyrics on the forthcoming No Cowards album, Andy and Jeff say the following: "Themes includes self empowerment, respecting and embracing your community and family, and a larger sense of frustration with the world."

No Cowards will be released by the end of the year via Bullet Tooth.

Upcoming Hostilities show:
September 15 - Portland, OR @ Mano Oculta w/ Grudge Match and When the Broken Burn 

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