Half Man: Brisbane Bruisers Serve Up a Dirge for the End Times on “Man Proposes, but God Disposes”

Contrary to their name, Half Man aren’t about concessions or compromises. As the latest signing for Brisbane/Meanjin-based label Burning Hammer Records, the quartet find themselves positioned firmly in the sphere of abrasive metallic hardcore. 

While notable reference points are diverse–the concrete stomp of Cold As Life; Gulch’s dog-off-the-leash vocal ferocity; the turbulent d-beat of All Pigs Must Die; floor-clearing riff breaks of the Nails variety–the listening experience found on the band’s forthcoming debut 7-inch is dialled into a frequency of unrelenting, seething aggression.

With a member lineup that encompasses time served in a swath of Australia's underground heavy-hitters, including Primitive Blast, Wreath, Burning Season, Phantoms, World of Joy, and Glitter Strip, alongside current Burning Hammer alums like Deathbed, Knuckledragger, and MUD, it’s clear that Keldon (vocals), Mike (guitar), Brandon “Bchan” (bass), and Al (drums) have what it takes to push Half Man to new levels of sonic extremity.

“The band came about because we essentially just wanted to write hard, fast music that combined some of our favourite music – metallic hardcore, classic death metal and power violence,” says Keldon over email. “Our members also represent Melbourne and Sydney. too, so in a way that allowed us to push to write stuff showcasing what Australian hardcore music has to offer.”

Watch the video for the “Man Proposes, but God Disposes” below:

On the process behind the group’s skull-crushing performance, Keldon continues: 

“We enjoy diving into the creative process of presenting a band in a way that showcases what hardcore music is, so for us doing a music video was something we were always planning. We wanted it to be simple and personal, the music is to the point, so the video is too.

"We’re very lucky to have some talented and creative best friends who know how to represent exactly what we feel about the music in a video in a cool and creative way, and I think that’s what we’ve been able to do.”

Man Proposes, but God Disposes is out May 5th via Burning Hammer Records.

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