Bystander (Members of Trial, Decline) Ask the Hard Questions on “How Far Have We Come” (PREMIERE)


Comprised of vocalist Greg Bennick (Trial), bassist Shariq Ibriham (Decline), drummer Chad Rapper (Decline), and Charles Chaussinand (Test of Time), Bystander is a new yet classic-sounding straight edge hardcore band. Formed earlier this year, to date, they've only released one track to the public, but today they're back with "How Far Have We Come," a song from Bystander's forthcoming debut 7" EP.

Bystander's Greg Bennick offered the following about "How Far Have We Come":

"We are a collective mess at times, this hardcore scene of ours. Our inability to address problems with maturity and communicative clarity is entirely destructive. As a result the world, in the last thirty years has moved inexorably towards the right, even to fascism in some countries...while we can’t get our heads out of our collective asses long enough to work through differences and even have conversations with one another about grievances. It’s like the world has advanced and moved forward towards destruction while we have become experts at destroying ourselves. Disillusioned? Sure. Jaded? Never. Disappointed? Absolutely. 

"We each have to look inside and ask how we are failing, not praise ourselves for how perfect we are or how others aren’t living up to our standards. The world isn’t going to wait. It’s going to keep stripping away at humanity overall while we do that exact same thing to one another. Let’s ask more questions of ourselves about why our particular sub-scene is so perfect in our minds whether it’s straightedge or politics or punk or anything else. The world isn’t going to wait for us to figure out how to work through and navigate our issues collectively. We have a lot of work ahead, a long way to go, and a lot of self questioning to do."

"How Far Have We Come" lyrics:

edge: noun - the point at which something is likely to begin; the edge of change

what do we have what have we lost what is the fantasy what's been the cost
standing at the edge of who we are defined by lines we never cross
what I need to know
is if we can move beyond this place I know what we reject
and the bonding effect
but I can't always say what we embrace
we want the right look
all the best moves
and to stay in control
but as we light this path
have we darkened greater goals?
so much passion
so much conviction
always with so much to say
but as we push back against the world its often us... who are in the way
can we build solidarity with those who need it most and develop community beyond what we post
seek unity and if voices aren't heard
find alternatives through actions not just words
let's ignite the revolution we've been waiting for
when the past is all we see
we know where that will lead when holding on is all we know how will we ever grow?
and how far is left to go?

Bystander will be out in August via Safe Inside Records (Clear Focus, Dying for It). Stay tuned for the pre-order and a music video from the band coming soon...

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