Freewill (Ex-Outspoken, Stone Telling) Drops Video for Title Track to Their Forthcoming LP

Photo: Veronika Reinert

Comprised of drummer Charlie Trujillo (Stone Telling), bassist Mike Hartsfield (Outspoken, Done Dying, Stone Telling, A18, New Age Records), and guitarist/vocalist Paul Cranston (Stone Telling), Freewill is a melodic punk band based out of Southern California. 

Though their formation came in the late '80s (more on that here), Freewill didn't truly get into full swing til they released their Sun Return debut LP in 2016, decades after it was recorded. The trio has kept busy since then, dropping an EP entitled Pedestrians, as well as split EP with straight edgers Zero Eight One.

Freewill's next move is the forthcoming release of their sophomore album, All This Time. Check out the music video for the record's title track below, which might trigger some of you who are afraid of heights:

The music video for "All This Time" was shot by Evan Jacobs and the real Poopsy at FD Studios Downtown Los Angeles, with editing by the Belt Buddies.

Produced by Paul Miner (Death by Stereo, H2O), the All This Time album will be released October 15th via Unity Worldwide Records. You can pre-order the LP through RevHQ, CoreTex, House of Devarishi, and New Age Records.

Freewill be playing the following shows:

Oct. 8th - Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate & Sound w/ Fourth in Line (ex-Unity, Ignite) and Sob Story
Dec. 18th - Costa Mesa, CA @ Commisary Lounge w/ Union 13, Trap Girl, and a secret headliner


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