Cujo: Seattle Band Comes Out of Hibernation with Raw Hardcore on the Menu

The canine crew known as Cujo first appeared on the hardcore scene in 2016 via a 3-track demo. "We started with our singer and I sitting in our room in the house we were living in together just fucking around with what we wanted to sound like," bassist Jarvis tells me. "A little bit after that, we found two guitar players and a drummer and started writing our first demo."

Cujo's sound is as angry as a junkyard dog, but let's let Jarvis break that down for us. "I would describe it as raw sounding but it also flows. It's energetic and also dark, if that makes sense.

"We're definitely influenced by Wolf Brigade, Nomads, Driller Killer, Death Side, Anti Cimex, Motörhead, add then just add some hardcore to that and you got some Cujo."

Cujo's latest drop arrived late last year on a demo that wastes no time getting down to business:

It took a few years (a lifetime in hardcore) for Jarvis and company to follow-up their 2017 demo. "The comeback was crazy, especially after feeling like it was almost over. I definitely didn’t want it to be done with because I feel like it’s an energy thing, and not something that can just go away. We just needed the right connections like we have now. Especially our practice style, which is a make it up as we go type of jam sessions. We just connected this time and all put our two cents in to create what we have now."

Jarvis is hopeful to get Cujo out on the road. "We’ll just have to see what happens. Would love to tour at least once, for sure."

As far as the current Seattle hardcore community, the bassist shows some love. "I like Ransom a bunch. End of Dayz, Denial of Life, By All Meanz, Ego Death. That’s just to name a few. The local scene here is incredible. If you fuck with Cujo we will always fuck with you."


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