Mine Collapse: Chicago Riff Beasts Come Back With “Death Spirals” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Michael Rataj

Mine Collapse was formed in 2015 by 2/3rds of punk-metallers Arbogast—bassist/vocalist Aaron Roemig and drummer Mike Rataj. With guitarist Justin Dickert completing the lineup, the trio rocks out a riffy sound that brings to mind everything from Helmet to Mutoid Man to Clutch. 

Six years after releasing their self-titled EP, Mine Collapse is returning with Delusions, a record "reflecting on the delusional nature of man, each track offering a different take on a delusion ranging from serial killers to religious zealots." We can dig it.

Working once again with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Jesus Piece) at Chicago’s Bricktop Recording, Delusions features album cover art by Shawn Knight (Child Bite).

No Echo got the jump on "Death Spirals," the second track from the record. Pretty cool stuff right here:

Mine Collapse bassist/vocalist Aaron Roemig told No Echo the following about "Death Spirals":

"A death spiral, also known as an ant mill, is a natural phenomenon where ants, instinctually following the ant ahead, become locked in an endless circle, unable to break free. They march around in a loop until they eventually drop dead of exhaustion.

"In 'Death Spirals,' these doomed ants are anthropomorphized, standing in for humans who blindly follow commands of superiors and actions of peers. It is a wake-up call to think for yourself or blindly march to your death."

Delusions will be out on June 24th via Nefarious Industries (pre-order).
Upcoming Mine Collapse gig:
June 18 - Chicago, IL @ Illuminated Brew Works w/ Cokegoat (free Delusions record release show)


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