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HADD (Photo: Ripcvlt Vision)

"I started the label out of my love for music, especially music born from hardcore and punk culture," says Delpi Suhariyanto, the guy behind Greedy Dust Records, a label based out of Indonesia that recently landed on my radar.

You might have caught my recent piece on Dazzle, a killer outfit on the Greedy Dust roster, but it was Bizarre's 3-song promo from earlier this year that initially hipped me to the rising label:

Delpi is also a musician who has played in the bands HADD and Dongker. So, what obstacles has he faced running Greedy Dust since starting it back in 2015? Also, does he feel it’s tougher since he's based in Indonesia? "I don't have direct experience to compare Indonesia with other countries, but the main obstacle we feel is the production and distribution infrastructure. In Indonesia, there are no vinyl factories, and make it expensive if you want to order records. 

"The main distribution channel that exists still pivots to platforms created by other countries so that there is inequality in music appreciation in Indonesia. But there is one platform that tries to solve the problem, The-Storefront.club, which is a special Indonesian music storefront website."

In addition to the aforementioned Dazzle and Bizarre, Greedy Dust has released material by such bands as Prejudize, Timeless, ZIP, and Deathroned:

How would Delpi describe the hardcore scene in Indonesia? "Indonesia gets the spotlight both through its experimental and rave scenes, such as Senyawa & Gabber Modus Operandi. I think it indirectly affects the surrounding scene, apart from the easier communication via the internet.

"The hardcore scene in Indonesia has begun to build its network to various other countries, especially with what we're doing with Greedy Dust. We want to be more prolific and help create a movement within the hardcore scene in Southeast Asia."

Dazzle (Photo: nk_fafa)

I asked Delpi of all the Greedy Dust releases so far, which one he feels deserves some more love. "Our first release, Deluded, which was a short-lived hardcore punk band whose members are still active with their new projects (Bizarre, Crucial Response, Eastcape, and Devil Despize). They played very aggressively, on a show floor covered in blood during their show."

As a label primer, you should also dig into Out for Blood, Vol. 2 a new compilation featuring tracks from Devil Despize, NAAS, Rekklus, Check Your Head, Break Free, Destiny, and Fuel:

Learn more about Greedy Dust Records on the label's Instagram and Bandcamp pages.


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