Brainwave: New Zealand Band Continues to Salute Crossover Thrash on Latest Release

Photo: Mell Adams

Formed in 2019, Brainwave features musicians from such current and defunct New Zealand bands such as ColdxWar, One Outs, Zone Killer, and Salvage. Their debut release 2020's The Decline EP, followed by a split with Auckland death metallers Soul Void a couple of years later.

"COVID-19 lockdowns disrupted shows and overseas bands touring New Zealand throughout that period, but we’ve been lucky enough to open for acts like Comeback Kid and Lil Ugly Mane," Brainwave drummer Angus Crowe tells No Echo.
"The initial stylistic references for Brainwave were Texas and New York crossover bands like Power Trip, Bitter End, Judiciary, and Leeway," the drummer continues. "Recently, we’ve been broadening our influences to include more straight up hardcore like Iron Mind, and even death metal bands like Gatecreeper, as we try to put our own mark on the crossover genre."

Last summer, Brainwave dropped a 2-song promo, and they've returned once again with a new project to keep the energy flowing. "We’ve just released our first video, Mouth of Gold/Burn - Live from The Shed, an Audiotree Live-style recording/video of two tracks from our Summer Promo ‘23

"Every band has their version of 'The Shed,' It’s the rehearsal space, garage, or bedroom where songs are written and refined before hitting the stage. For this video we wanted to give people a peak behind the curtain of what that space looks like for us."

With the video out now, Brainwave is keeping busy setting up their next chapter. "We’re heading out on tour with our mates Lucre for three shows across New Zealand’s North Island in May. We’re also writing a ton of new material at the moment. Our plan is to release a full length in the near future."

It's No Echo, so we obviously asked Angus for some tips on current bands from New Zealand to check out. "Oh man, there are heaps of bands popping off right now, I’ll definitely miss some out unfortunately. I gotta shout out fellow 04HC, metal, and punk bands Lucre, Piss Baby, Stress Ghetto, Stalker, Bxrt, and Standover.

"Shout out as well to Start Today Crew for putting on monthly AA shows in Wellington. Check out Cease & Desist and Carthage — young bands to watch from NZ for sure. Auckland’s Soul Void go HARD. One of the best bands in the country according to Zuma from Kruelty. Pressure, Martial Law, Drop Off Point, and Brawler from Hamilton.

"Lastly, Christchurch punx HÖG, I’d love to see them up in the North Island, and death metal titans Plague of the Fallen."

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