FAIM: Denver Band Bring Action Back to Hardcore on “All Talk” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jacki Vitetta

Though they have only been a band for just over a year, FAIM (pronounced like “thumb” with an F) has already shared the stage with the likes of Judge and Sick of It All, and been steadily hitting the road to spread their brand of hardcore. When asked about the band, they said, “This band sort of came out of the frustration of seeing almost everything deteriorate around us. Not really knowing how to channel that anger, we revisited the outlet we had grown up with — hardcore and punk as a stepping off point to express that.

"We want to revisit what was powerful about hardcore to us in the first place — embrace those ideas, challenge them, and build from them.”

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That mindset is prevalent in “All Talk,” which calls upon influences that range from '90s metalcore to early Youth Crew, while keeping the message at the forefront throughout. Though (as with much hardcore) the lyrics can be tough to pick out, there is no question of the song’s central theme when everyone screams “All talk, but you really do nothing.” When asked about the track, guitarist Chris Carraway said, “This song is about how easy it is to give lip service to being political, without actually being involved and showing up to do the work – by sharing a Facebook post, wearing some t-shirt for some cause, or even writing a punk song about it. If anything, it’s less of a call out than it is a reminder to ourselves that we can and should be doing more.”

"All Talk" lyrics:
What you preach, words don’t mean a thing
What you preach, all the deceit
What you preach, words a living disease
What you preach
Always got to be the loudest voice for everything
But you have nothing to say
When the motherfuckers come to take everything
What did you say? what did you stop? what did you do?
All talk, all talk, all talk,
All talk, but you really do nothing

FAIM will be releasing "All Talk" on their forthcoming debut 7" on Convulse Records, which will be out on Sept. 15. The EP was recorded by Joey Hidalgo, and mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in Massachusetts. The band has a Midwest run booked in July, and plans are on their way for a tour of the Pacific Northwest in November. Follow FAIM on Bandcamp and Facebook.
Tour dates:
7/12 – Denver – Horse House
7/13 – Kansas City, MO – Awful Fest
7/14 – Iowa City, IA @ Butthead's
7/15 – Lincoln, NE @ Clinton St House

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