EP Premiere: Black Communion, The Traveler (Dropping Bombs, 2017)

Featuring musicians who have been members of such bands as Cynarae (A389) and Young Turks (Animal Style), Black Communion construct a nasty style of metallic mayhem that fans of Converge and Modern Life is War need in their lives. Based in Portland, Black Communion has partnered with Dropping Bombs, who will release a very limited run of one-sided 10" lathe-cut vinyl with a screen-printed B-side. All records will come with a free download code.

The Traveler is a collection of songs that teter on the edges of hardcore, metal, and noise rock, in the material's breadth and style. Take a listen to the entire EP below and hear the madness for yourself.

The Traveler is available now on Bandcamp. The vinyl is set for a spring 2017 release via Dropping Bombs, and can be pre-ordered here.