Chain Gang Grave: NYC Duo Rides Line Btwn Hardcore & Noise Rock on “Cement Mind” (PREMIERE)

While they've never been an easy band to categorize, what is clear about what Chain Gang Grave does is that its grimey.

The New York City outfit leans closest to hardcore, but that doesn't mean they also don't dish out Melvins-like noise rock, filthy death metal, and dissonant yet melodic parts into the mix at a moment's notice.

Now paired down to founding members Andrew Lanza and Jason Markowitz, Chain Gang Grave is gearing up for their first release in 4 years, Cement Mind.

In one of those beautiful cases where the imagery fits the music its representing perfectly, Chain Gang Grave have called on Brandon Gallagher (Coarse, ex-Old Wounds) to edit the visualizer below for the title track to their forthcoming album. The original images in the deranged clip come courtesy of the band's very own Lanza:

Recorded and mixed by Lanza and Markowitz at their home studio in Brooklyn, Cement Mind was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (God's Hate, Sleep).

Cement Mind will be released on April 16th and can be pre-ordered at this link.

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