Carcosa: Long Island Band Welcomes Former Shai Hulud Guitarist on New Release

Photo found on Carcosa's Facebook

Brooding powerhouse Carcosa is back with two new songs, their first offering since 2017’s self-titled EP on State of Mind Recordings. The new tracks pound with the band’s definitive gloomy metal heaviness, but also show the band’s progression, particularly with new pliability in the vocals and even more dynamism in the guitars.

Having played the new songs live for some time, and with the addition second guitarist Tom Colello (ex-Shai Hulud/Hollow Earth, current Sigils/Servant), Carcosa wanted to get these tracks out so they could continue the creative process with Colello involved. “We thought since we had been playing the songs for a while and Tom was not part of the creative process we would knock these two out and start fresh. We also thought that getting some new music out there would ease us into a comfortable release schedule,” offers Carcosa frontman Tim Lipman.

These new songs are a good bridge from the band’s older material and a forthcoming full-length that they’re working on. Both “Dark Ritual” and “Destroyer of Souls” showcase great frenetic metal riffage and thudding drum beats set dissonantly against Lipman’s low-end vocals. The grooving and thrashing energy of “Dark Rituals” pairs well with the more crashing and gloomy “Destroyer of Souls.”

Both songs are available via the Carcosa’s Bandcamp page. The band is playing a release show for the songs on December 15th with Wreath of Tongues:


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