Burden: Retrospective Collection Coming Soon from Vancouver Straight Edge Hardcore Outfit

Photo: Erik Thorkelsson

Beginning in 1997, til their break-up in 2004, Burden proudly flew the flag for straight edge hardcore.

Alongside bands like Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, and Better Than a Thousand, the Vancouver-based quintet played a straight-ahead, often fast-paced take on hardcore that ignored the darker metallic influences most of the movement was favoring during that period.

During their 7-year run, Burden released three EPs, and an LP in 2003 entitled If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything.

In April, Burden's recorded work will be celebrated via True Until the End, The Discography: 1997-2004. For the CD version of the collection will feature a retrospective piece on the group by Greg Bennick (Trial, Bystander).

Check out a quick blast of straight edge fury below thanks to "Rebirth," a track from the forthcoming discography:

"The lyrics to 'Rebirth' were written about my own struggles with depression that started as a teenager, and have followed me off and on throughout my adult life," Burden vocalist Jason Kolins told No Echo via email.

"It is about coming to terms and admitting to myself that something was definitely wrong, and realizing that it was going to take more than my own will power to help and change how I’d been feeling for years. And that it is ok to admit that you need help, and so important to take that first step in talking to your doctor or a professional," wrote Jason.

Photo: Mike Witherspoon

"Of all Burden’s songs, 'Rebirth' by far has resonated the most with people over the years. It’s crazy how many people I’ve met or have emailed me saying how that song helped them deal with their own depression, or just that they could absolutely relate to what I was saying." 

Jason finished his thoughts as truthful as anyone could be: "Sadly, now coming up on 20 years since that album came out, depression and mental health issues are more prevalent than ever."

True Until the End, The Discography: 1997-2004 will be out on April 9th via Blackhouse Records on CD and cassette. Pre-orders will kick off on February 29th at this link.

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