BloodRitual: Crossover Thrashers Hit Hard on Two New Tracks (PREMIERE)

Photo: Daniel White

If you look closely at the BloodRitual band photo above, you'll notice guitarist Josh Francisco is wearing a Slaughter t-shirt. Now, if you took that as some kind of indication that BloodRitual sounded anything like the "Up All Night" rockers, you would be way off base.

Nope, BloodRitual are a crossover thrash-minded outfit that have more in common with bands like Dead Heat, Power Trip, and Best Wishes-era Cro-Mags.

The North Carolina-based quintet's Disaster Tapes EP from last year was my introduction to their riff-crazy style, and now I'm excited to share a couple of new tracks from them in the form of "Who Watches" and "Seed of Destruction" below:

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