The Path + Psychic Weight: Two New England HC Bands Unite on Split EP (PREMIERE)

The Path (Photo: Brian Glenney)

In a beautiful union of New England underground music, The Path and Psychic Weight have teamed up for a split EP.

Out later this year, Fight Death finds Vermont's The Path returning to the record store shelves with 7 cuts, including a cover of "United Worldwide," a song originally found on Warzone's The Sound of Revolution album.

On the Psychic Weight side of the beast, the Massachussetts hardcore combo delivering 5 new tracks of aural mayhem. If you haven't heard the band before, Psychic Weight incorporate elements of noise rock and pure punk into their hardcore, with a vocalist that sounds like he swigs razors with his mouthwash.

In this No Echo exclusive, we're premiering two tracks from the forthcoming Fight Death split EP, "Washington Is Burning" from The Path, and Psychic Weight's "Caveman." Take it in below:

"Borders are prisons and hinder progress," said The Path via email about "Washington Is Burning." "We stand the best chance at survival if we shed the obsolete border structure and unite as a planet. Expand your hood and love your neighbors."

As far as "Caveman," this is what Psychic Weight wanted the site's readers to know: "The shit always rolls downhill and today’s late-stage capitalism is tomorrow’s full blown corporatocracy.  We are bankrolling our descendants faith, one purchase at a time."

Psychic Weight (Photo: Anthony Santagati)

Fight Death will be out later this year via State of Mind Recordings on CD, vinyl (limited to 100 copies), and digital in the States. If you're in Europe, Ugly and Proud Records will have it on cassette and digital.


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