Gridiron: Members of Never Ending Game, Year of the Knife Form New Hardcore Band

"We started this band with the intentions of just recording these songs and kind of having it be a one off thing," says Gridiron vocalist Matt Karll, "but those plans have definitely changed. "We will definitely be playing some shows once we are able to, and we will be writing another record in the future."

Featuring Karll, along with guitarists Will Kaelin and Mike Wasylenko, bassist Jake Abbot, and drummer Tyler Mullen, Gridiron is comprised of members of Never Ending Game, Payback, and Year of the Knife. 

With the musicians spread out between Michigan and Pennsylvania, Karll and his friends had a very clear stylistic aim at hand on their recently released Loyalty at all Costs demo:

"We definitely wanted to recreate that old school PAHC feel, but we also wanted to create our own identity. "Our biggest influences are definitely bands like Krutch and No Retreat."

Gridiron's Will Kaelin performing w/ Never Ending Game in 2019 (Photo: Dan Rawe)

With the COVID-19 lockdown in full effect, Gridiron recorded the guitar parts in Michigan, and then sent them to Philadelphia where everything else was done. 

"The reaction to the demo has been very pleasantly surprising thus far. Streets of Hate made a run of tapes that sold out pretty quickly, and people seem to be into it, which is awesome.

"We were all very happy with how everything came together and that fact that other people seem to like it too is definitely a bonus."

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